Over 90%
pain relief

All too often, pain treatments take too long, cost too much, slow down your return to normal function, or increase your short-term pain. Over 90% of our patients report substantial pain relief with our Deep Tissue Laser therapy. We are seeing significant pain relief in as little as a single treatment with our accelerated treatment regimen.

This is a Pain-Free Solution because it works, causes no discomfort during treatment, and there are no known side effects. This is the most powerful non-invasive pain treatment, and the results can be permanent or long-lasting.

During High Dose Laser Therapy, you often feel a deep, gentle warmth as your body responds to the light. Treatments take just a few minutes, while the therapeutic effect continues to soothe and heal long after you leave the office. Read more about LaserMD in the news

Types of Pain That Can Be Helped by Laser Therapy

Your Laser Pain Relief Treatments

Most patients feel noticeable improvement after 1, 2, or 3 sessions. Treatments can be given daily, and in urgent circumstances twice a day. There is no requirement to have a certain number of treatments, and we encourage you to have only as many laser treatments as you feel you need. LaserMD uses the highest power Class 4 lasers available, which have up to 100 times more power than Class 3 lasers. These powerful treatments can give you relief in hours and days, rather than weeks and months. Your time is valuable and we want you to enjoy your life, not sit in doctor's offices. There-s no painful manipulation, no surgery, no injections, no needles, and no drugs. Our lasers our FDA Approved, and are made in the USA.

The Pain Relief & Healing Powers of Lasers

High Dose Laser Therapy creates an optimal healing environment which speeds up the body-s normal healing processes. Laser Stimulation directly accelerates tissue repair and increases cellular energy levels. It also causes localized natural pain reduction. Many of these beneficial effects result from mitochondrial absorption of laser light, resulting in increased ATP. Class IV therapy lasers are clinically proven to reduce pain and are endorsed by the APTA, WHO and IASP.

The Science of Laser Stimulation

Scientific understanding of the beneficial effects of Laser Stimulation has been building over the last two decades. Many of the studies involve Class 3 low-powered lasers. In just the past few years, the availability of much more powerful Class 4 lasers has opened the potential for a new kind of pain relief.

Video: The Science behind Laser Stimulation

What is Laser Stimulation?

Chromophores are cellular structures which absorb light. All of the benefits of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy come about because of photobiostimulation of chromophores from the intense power of Class IV laser light. More simply, we call this entire process "Laser Stimulation."

Laser Stimulation Increases ATP

One of the most important chemicals in the body is ATP, which is the primary molecule for intracellular energy transfer. Laser Stimulation of mitochondria increases ATP, which increases cellular energy levels and metabolic activity, and may be responsible for many of Deep Tissue Laser Treatment benefits.

Accelerates Tissue Repair and Healing, While Decreasing Fibrous Scarring

Laser Stimulation can achieve this remarkable double-positive healing effect through these mechanisms:

  • Increased ATP.
  • Reduced inflammation due to reduced interleukin 1, accelerated leukocytic activity, and stabilized cell membranes.
  • New blood vessel formation & vasodilation, due to increased nitric oxide, increased serotonin, and decreased histamine.
  • Increased collagen synthesis.
  • Increased activity of reparative cells such as fibroblasts, chondrocytes, osteocytes and macrophages.

Pain Reduction from Local Analgesia

Laser Stimulation can reduce your local pain through these mechanisms:

- Increase in beta endorphin.
- Increased nitric oxide.
- Decreased bradykinin.
- Decreased activity of C-fiber afferent pain activity.