Headache & TMJ Pain

Headache & TMJ Pain Summary

There are many diverse causes of headache. The most common headache, a tension headache, can be treated with aspirin, time, or a multitude of other treatments including yoga and meditation. On the other hand, trigeminal neuralgia can cause excruciating headaches for which there are no good treatments. In-between are headaches such as migraine, TMJ, and recurring tension headaches which can be more-or-less treated medically.

Headache Treatment

Occasional tension headaches can be treated with the everyday therapy of your choice.

Recurring tension headaches can be treated with many types of therapy, including high-intensity laser therapy, yoga, meditation.

Migraine headaches are thought to be neurovascular in nature. Laser is not a first-line treatment. If nothing else is effective, consider laser.

TMJ headaches can be due to muscle tension in the masseters and other facial muscles, and joint pain. Many cases of TMJ can be completely eliminated by surgery. Laser can be effective as a non-surgical alternative, or if surgery has failed to eliminate all pain.

Cluster headaches, a type of trigeminal headache, is very difficult to treat. Laser could be considered as an alternate therapy only if first-line therapies have not provided symptomatic relief. The laser, even high-power laser, will only reach the superficial parts of the trigeminal nerve and will not be able to reach the part of the cranial nerve that exits from the brainstem, only the part considerably distal to the semilunar ganglion.

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