Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and Ankle Pain Summary

Many common heel and foot pains can be treated by high intensity deep tissue laser. The most common exception are bunions, which need surgical correction. The most common foot pain causes include:
  • Plantar fasciitis, if not responding to conservative measures such as stretches and NSAIDs, can be treated by laser. Laser therapy can expedite healing of microtears in the tissues.
  • Ankle sprain. If you ankle is acutely sprained, you should see an orthopedic doctor to have it splinted. If pain persists, laser therapy can be helpful and accelerate healing.
  • Gout commonly causes toe pain and should be treated by diet and medication.
  • Heel spurs and heel fractures are less common, and generally do not respond well to laser therapy.
  • Toenail fungus, Onychomycosis, can also be treated with high-power laser therapy.
  • Diabetic neuropathy often involves the feet.

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